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Friday, Sep 3rd-to do

Started Sep-3 by friedchickn; 105 views.
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From: friedchickn


Hoping to be out of here by around 1 or sooner.

Finished breakfast, cleaned up kitchen, waiting to run teh dishwasher til we are out teh door.  

Started a small load of laundry that I'll need to flip before we leave

Working out at 11, followed by a shower and finalize my packing

Then out....hopefully


From: scapermom


Enjoy the long weekend! 
just getting a chance to get over here. We had a leisurely morning, then DH had to head a few towns over to get his Covid shot finally. I’m hoping his reaction isn’t severe. He’s already planning to call out sick tomorrow. Between having had it and his allergies I’m thinking he‘Ll be out of commission all weekend. Is it too early to drink? 

laundry’s in dryer, and I put some chicken in the slow cooker for dinner

if he’s ok when he gets back, after I make him drink some electrolyte mix maybe we’ll wa;k the dog.

im definitely doing some yoga today

some basic cleanup to do. Might even go over DD’s bathroom. 
yard still needs work. There were lots of bees out yesterday so I stayed clear.
also wanted to walk around hobby lobby and maybe dollar store for DD’s next care package supplies. The one we sent last week hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m enjoying the creative end of it.