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Monday, September 6th - To do

Started Sep-6 by scapermom; 77 views.
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From: scapermom


Weird day here. It’s a Monday that feels like a Sunday since it’s a holiday, yet DH went back to work. He took 2 days off after having the mandated vax (his company said get it or your fired, so he was pissed). He really did need the days though - he was pretty out of sorts between the vax and his allergies. Slept most of those days away. Not sure how he got up at 4 or is functioning today. 

DD texted, campus is pretty dead. Had no idea how many kids go off campus for long weekends. So now she’ll have to find a way back home somehow in October when they have their fall break. This weekend there were activities and she has a ton of work to do. I guess we’ll play it by ear if we can.

it’s monday, so I’m doing some of the weekly home blessing tasks. Stripped the bed, changed out the towels and table linens. Sanitized the kitchen surfaces. Whatever else I do (if anything) will be a bonus.

Dogs been out & fed. Also gave her her meds.

I need to take an allergy pill. My seasonal allergies have been bad. I usually don’t take stuff. All this rain making the weeds grow I guess?

Today is going to be a meal prep day since I’ve got it to myself. I’m going to throw dinner in the Foodi/crockpot in a bit. Unstuffed pepper casserole in an attempt to use up the bell peppers from the farm box. Also plan to use one of the giant eggplants to make an easy egg plant parm. No breading or frying. We shall see. Its not a fave dish either way. But its a potential side or main and i can freeze it at least. I’ve also got green beans to use up. So I have to clean those and maybe just boil them? 

Need to decide on a park program to participate in. Or maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and join the gym my girlfriend wants me to - she does Zumba classes there. Not sure I’m cut out for that tho. Need to try it and decide.

Started doing push ups again and am feeling it . I’ll bike for 10 for some cardio and call it a day.

Need to finish watching Gunpowder Milkshake on Netflix - kept freezing on me the other night.