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Tuesday, September 7th - To Do

Started Sep-7 by scapermom; 81 views.

From: scapermom


Let’s start with a list

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From: scapermom


So I was wondering why I wasn’t hearing school buses and looked at the local school district calendar online and see school doesn’t start until the 9th due to the Jewish holidays. Seems like such a late start to the year, no?

anyway on to my day - morning trifecta almost all going/done. I need to collect laundry to make a full load. DDs absence is felt here. Unbelievable how one person makes that much difference! 

I’ll do a workout and maybe a plank instead of push ups today

Cleaning tasks I didn’t get to yesterday include vacuuming & mopping downstairs. I hope the new mop pads i bought dont smell too perfumy.

I’m out of various cooking oils so am considering heading to Costco for that and a few other things on my list after I get cleaned up.

haven’t gotten to hobby lobby and realized I have a return at kohls. But may do that during the week. No rush on shipping stuff to dd since they are so backed up.

On my own for dinner so will  just eat leftovers. Bachelor in Paradise night 2 on tonight. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure at this point. such stupid drama!


From: friedchickn

Sep-7 I tired.

But I'm getting stuff done.

Unloaded the dishwasher, washed the boat dishes that came home.  Started laundry.  Picked up my goat cheese and some mini whoopie pies at the farm.  Hit the PO.  And got the dog's nails done on the way home....he was none to pleased.

Now I'm just trying to clean out my emails and get a list going...

I'm picking up lunch.  We'll have a light dinner....cheese and crackers probably.

Need to deal with the giant stack of mail, bills and receipts.

Distribute week money.  Water the plants

Cat litter

Laundry.....did I mention ALL the laundry....OMG

Read a chapter

Probably take the doggo for a walk later on.  I'll do a plank or 2.  Might do some pushups (that sounded like a good idea).  But mostly just little exercise real workout today.

I'd love to have time to do my toes.....sigh.  Maybe I'll bring stuff and do my toes while waiting for dh tomorrow?