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Wednesday, September 8th - To Do

Started Sep-8 by scapermom; 108 views.
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From: scapermom


Woke up hungry. But going for coffee and some exercise first. Feeling those push ups in my shoulders/pecs so plank again today along with a walk at home video

morning tasks - dog’s done, laundry & kitchen tbd

A ton of emails to go through

DH is going to head over to his parents later to take his mom to an appointment and shopping

its Wednesday so I’ll do bills and all that goes with that

if i have the energy I’ll do the kohl’s return and maybe hobby lobby since it’s right there.

thinking Steaks for dinner, have some red potatoes and broccoli for sides. Need to portion and freeze the eggplant parm from the other night. I liked it but can’t eat too much at one time of it. 


From: friedchickn


This week is just a

Managed to get the dump run I'm just trying to tie up a few loose ends before we head to Portland for the night.

Dh has his 2nd eye done today.  The bad eye...the one that actually needs the work, lol.  If all goes well, he'll never need glasses again.  Kinda nice.

After his surgery we'll grab a couple beers and a snack somewhere.  Take a much needed nap.  And then we have dinner reservations with dd and a couple friends.