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Thursday, September 9th - To Do

Started Sep-9 by scapermom; 147 views.
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From: scapermom


Rainy day here. Morning getting to a slow start. I’ll get the basics done.
laundry is doing it’s thing. DH took care of 1st kitchen pass.

I’m in my workout wear, so I’ll do a session that will start with yoga

DH has to take his mom for another appointment. She had something almost every day this week, so he split it with his sister. On the bright side her numbers are going in the right direction. 
I have been slowly putting together the next care package for Dd. So I’ll work on that today. Have a few more things to pick up, got fall decorations for it yesterday.  she needs more coffee. I also want to get some apple cider donuts from a local market (will bubble wrap them). No rush tho since the first one I sent is still sitting in the school mailroom unprocessed. 

Have a pile of papers to go through. Need to finish filing from yesterday


I need a pedicure so I’ll give myself one.  

Shrimp scampi for dinner tonight. I’ll have mine with hearts of palm ‘noodles’ 


From: friedchickn


Back from Portland...dh's surgery went well.  Dinner was awesome.  And dh got a free upgrade to a waterfront was legit HUGE!!!

Cleaning up my email....then I'll start packing for teh boat.  I know I got assigned food for teh weekend and I'll need to deal with that...

Maybe a nap?  I slept like crap.


From: friedchickn


I brought my favorite blue nail polish to do while I sat in the parking lot yesterday....had to ask a stranger to open the bottle, LOL.  


From: scapermom


Hope DH has a quick and easy recovery!