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Monday, September 27th - To Do

Started Sep-27 by scapermom; 125 views.

From: friedchickn


Just getting on here while I scoff dinner down.

This week is nuts.  Just nuts.  I think there's something EVERY SINGLE NIGHT THIS WEEK....Arrggghhhh

Went over to look at a broken stair tread at the rental...have a few calls in to get it fixed.  My in laws are leaving for the week and visiting ALL their out of town relatives and friends....oh boy.

Stopped at the farm for a few things to tide us over til the weekend.  Including a chicken pot pie for tomorrow's dinner.  Stopped at the PO too

Did emails, bills, receipts and week money.  Including GG's stuff.

Cat litter is done.  Washed the bowls too.

Laundry is already at the dryer.  Changed out some linens.  I'll do those tomorrow

Need to....

check the hot tub

read one chapter

piano lesson at 2

workout after that, GHD and a plank too

water the plants, scored a bunch of beautiful old terra cotta pots....need to find them room in the garage and should go through some of the ugly plastic ones and get rid of them.  Also trying to find an indoor home for my lemon tree....

Tonight, we have a dinner meeting with the Chef to finalize our tactic for the grease interceptor meeting next week