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Wednesday, Oct 13th-to do

Started Oct-13 by friedchickn; 123 views.
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From: friedchickn


My cat is making typing very difficult...he's laying on my arm.  I even tried opening the window to entice him to lay somewhere else...nope.

Dump day...unusually much needed.  Between stuff from the boat, GG's and the whirlwind garage attic cleaning...I have a pile.  I wish they'd reopen the Pick and Paw...I feel horrible throwing out perfectly good things.

Workout, romwod, GHD and a plank.  


A few bills

A grocery run...dh wants to make nachos for dinner.  I convinced him to get takeout tomorrow instead of tonight.  I'm so sick of the 3 places that are open on Wednesdays and Thursday has the Laotion food truck!

1 more got GOOD.  So that's not a bother.

I found a few spare moments yesterday to repot a few plants while watering them.  Moved a few around.  I have a few more to go...but lost interest. (My attitude lately is ####)

Started season 2 of The Morning Show last night....still good!


From: scapermom


What book is it you’re reading now?

Is there a free cycle group nearby you can give the stuff to? I belong to a ‘pay it forward’ group on Facebook for the area.

Had a terrible nights sleep. Tried to stay in bed as long as possible. 

Focus this morning has been on getting DH out the door so he can make the round trip drive to pick DD up for fall break and take her back home. Made him a sandwich for the ride too. I got her a bus ticket for the ride back Sunday. It’s an hour north of here, but 2 hours are better than the 4 plus hours 2x in a day for sure!

We walked the dog and I got to clean up the kitchen and start laundry.

Having my second cup, I’ll look through emails then I’ll start on sprucing up (dust, vacuum, put fresh sheets on, etc) DDs bath and bed rooms.

Also have bills, filing and receipts since it’s wednesday. The filing will count as my paper clutter for today.

I don’t know if I’ll fit the zone mission in or not or have the energy

Want to do an easy yoga session and 10 on the bike later

I’ll bake a batch of DD’s favorite oatmeal cookies, think i have all the ingredients, she can take leftovers back with her

They should be home later tonight - guessing around 10 or 11? So I’ll occupy myself with catching up on tv shows I’ve got on the DVR. Survivor for sure. 

The Seinfeld book is good, but not something to fall asleep to. So far there’s been an intro on how he started out in comedy. Then just reading his ‘bits’ from years ago that he wrote. Many were lol funny so not conducive to sleep for sure. Might be better for cleaning background.


From: friedchickn


Truly, Madly , Guiltily bu Liane Moriarty.  She wrote big little lies...and a ton of other stuff.

I DO belong to a few free groups.  It's still work.  LOL.  I wish we lived closer to the road, or that my Ils who live in town were less obnoxious...cause I'd just put stuff out with a free sign.  It all goes around here.  There is alot of poverty.

I dropped off 2 working flashlights at the dump...they've been letting people put working items on top of one flat topped dumpster.  I figured those were small enough.  I also have a handful of resuable shopping bags...there's a bin at the grocery now that Maine doesn't allow plastic bags (and charges 15 cents a paper bag)

I'll figure out the rest...I just can't dump it.