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Wednesday, Oct 13th-to do

Started Oct-13 by friedchickn; 124 views.

From: friedchickn


Truly, Madly , Guiltily bu Liane Moriarty.  She wrote big little lies...and a ton of other stuff.

I DO belong to a few free groups.  It's still work.  LOL.  I wish we lived closer to the road, or that my Ils who live in town were less obnoxious...cause I'd just put stuff out with a free sign.  It all goes around here.  There is alot of poverty.

I dropped off 2 working flashlights at the dump...they've been letting people put working items on top of one flat topped dumpster.  I figured those were small enough.  I also have a handful of resuable shopping bags...there's a bin at the grocery now that Maine doesn't allow plastic bags (and charges 15 cents a paper bag)

I'll figure out the rest...I just can't dump it.