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Friday, November 19th - To Do

Started Nov-19 by scapermom; 74 views.
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From: scapermom


Stayed up late, then woke up late… got a wake up FaceTime call from DD who’s taking the bus home today and just thought of everything she needs to do before coming home. Her bus is at 2 and she’ll be blowing off 2 classes so she can get herself together. Seems like a lot of kids already left campus anyway.

On this end, dog’s taken care of but that’s it. Laundry & Kitchen next

Think I’ll do an early walk at home video then shower and get myself together.

Upstairs needs a good vacuum and I’ll spruce up DDs room while up there.

dog walk, and maybe yesterday’s holiday mission?

Think we’ll leave here around 3ish to pick dd up at bus stop up north.dh wants to be there early just in case. There’s bound to be traffic. Then we’ll do dinner somewhere up there. I should check out what’s around 


From: friedchickn


How about start my day with confusion???

Dh got a message from our lawyer that the other lawyer "dropped out".  WTF does that mean? And now we can't get ahold of him.  

Took a drive past some housing lots...dh...sigh...I DO NOT want to build.  Let me be very very clear about that.  


Started laundry....changed the linens yesterday.  I also need to do the guest room linens in case we actually get a guest.

Cleaned up the kitchen.  Plenty of leftovers for lunch.  Dinner will be out at our fav apres ski bar that reopened for the season.

Email is I need to do some work in there.

Need to order GG's birthday gift to be delivered.

Dog walk

1 chapter

piano practice

That's all folks....


From: friedchickn


The bus is a brilliant idea!!!