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Monday, May 23rd - To Do

Started May-23 by scapermom; 85 views.
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From: scapermom


Monday again! Weekly home blessing along with regular morning tasks underway. Removed sheets, towels replaced, dog out & fed, kitchen counters and table sanitized, linens replaced and laundry started 

I’ll do the rest of the whb with Flylady at 11 - floors need more than a damp mop but too bad

want to order the baby gifts but am stumped on if I should send them directly to my niece or here to wrap and give at the baby shower since she registered on Amazon and it went right to her address when I got to that part. I’ll text my SIL later to ask if there’s a preference

need to work on a meal plan 

have the Arbonne payment to deposit 

fit in a quick strength training workout 

no idea what I’m doing for dinner, need inspiration 


From: friedchickn


Ahhhhh Mondays....NOT

Slept like the dead and slept in....not sure what is up with that.  

Surprisingly still on track weight wise...I have a walking buddy now at the marina and we get in 5 miles before breakfast.  It's a struggle....but I'm happy with the results.  Working out before I head out for lunch with the ladies...maybe a stretching session tonight when I get back.

I have a load of laundry to fold and 2 to put away. (managed to get it all done last night while watching tv)

Usual Monday tasks...bills, receipts, emails, water plants and week money.

I'll do the cat litter after I work out...pre shower.  I always forget.

Need to take the sourdough starter out and figure out something for dinner....I have leftover pork maybe something with that.

piano practice

I think my shelves came in for the master closet, so I'm gonna try to enlist dh to hang them...we'll see how well that goes.