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Friday, July 22nd - To Do

Started Jul-22 by scapermom; 94 views.

From: scapermom


End of week list?


From: friedchickn


Yeah Friday!!!!!

Cleaning lady is I watered the fig trees and watered the indoor plants...working through my list of stuff I can do that's not in her way...laundry is probably next ( I snuck a load in last night after dinner)

Dishwasher is started.  Lunch dishes, if we are still here, will be hand washed.

Need to pack my clothes...everything else is packed already.

Quick grocery trip....need turkey meatballs and they were out on Monday.  Hoping they're there...otherwise I'll hit the grocery across from the marina.  Damn supply issues are driving me nuts this summer.

Cat litter

Piano practice

A workout if there is time.  I'm still pretty sore from Wednesday, so no complaints if I miss it.

Quick fridge cleanout...put stuff into the freezer.

And....start on dd's pants...taking in the waist.  Only if I have time.

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From: scapermom


Another hot humid one

Morning underway- watered (and got several bites for my troubles), dogs been out, laundry’s started, DH is making breakfast, so I’m holding off on kitchen duty til after

he’s heading to his parents later today for errands and a possible visit from a cousin they haven’t seen in a while

its a strength workout day for me

todays zone mission and the family room needs a good vacuum 

going to start nudging Dd more to prep for move in - she doesn’t want to think about going back, but the prep will help make it easier 

might head to a party store to look for table decorations for my sister’s party coming up next weekend 

evening dog walk 

no idea about dinner - maybe shrimp scampi, rice/pasta & kale chips ?