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Thursday, january 12th-to do

Started Jan-12 by friedchickn; 125 views.
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From: friedchickn


Got to have a somewhat peaceful morning by myself while dh was off skiing and I was waiting for the cleaning lady.  She's here I'm trying to get some office stuff done.

Hoping for a quiet day...long dog walk, long pliability workout.  Piano lesson and then $5 pizza night at the bar.

That's about it....I'll find other stuff to do (or not)


From: scapermom


Can’t believe I slept so late today and I’m still groggy 

Got the morning routine started - dog & laundry, the kitchen is always ongoing

the zone is a fridge clean out 

back hurts from whatever I did yesterday, so I think I’ll do a yoga or stretch session today

still have some Christmas stuff lying around to gather and put away. We noticed last night how many people around here still have their outside lights on

DD reminded me last night we need to do FAFSA so I’ll start pulling info I need for that

should give my sister a call. She’s going in for dental surgery tomorrow

No dog walk today because it looks like rain all day

leftovers for dinner


From: friedchickn


I found 2 xmas things I I'll be dragging those over to the garage.

Also pulled out some leftover puff pastry bits....gonna make parm cheese twists as an afternoon snack.  (in my quest to clean out the a day, lol)