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Tuesday, February 28th-to do

Started 2/28/23 by friedchickn; 101 views.
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From: friedchickn


Last day of February!!!!!

I'm feeling 100 times better....gonna take it easy today and watch the snow fall and finish a few things up.

The taxes are today's top priority....just gonna push through and finish my part.  I'm almost it's probably only an hour of work.

Then I'll switch gears to a couple sewing projects.

Finish the day up strong with some laundry and payday bills....

Still watching new Amsterdam....I'm on season 3...but about 1/2 way through.


From: scapermom


Glad you’re back and feeling better! Ease back into it for sure

It’s been a snowy rainy mix here since last night - definitely a good day to take it easy and do those indoor tasks that seem to pile up

I also have a bunch of sewing projects - mostly holes that need patching 

Had a crappy nights sleep 

morning mostly done - dog, laundry, kitchen 

zone is putting out hot spot fires in the living/family room

easy walk at home - tried to bring the Fitbit back to life but it didn’t last long so I’m just gonna do workouts & try to move for at least a half hour a day 

should check when I’m due for hair appointment & make it

Thinking leftovers or burgers for dinner 


From: scapermom


I had started watching New Amsterdam when it came out but didn’t stick it with for some reason. Once I finish Breaking Bad I may check it out again - tho my list is long - also wanted to re-check Manifest and a few others I’ve added to my list. 

Have you watched Derry Girls? I liked that - 1st season was best tho


From: friedchickn


I haven't.

I've heard Outer banks is that might be my next pick