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Tuesday, March 28th - To Do

Started 3/28/23 by scapermom; 128 views.
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From: scapermom


Dog woke me up several times since 6 with panting & general annoying noises Finally got out of bed around 7 & got her water in her bedroom bowl - she has another downstairs that was chock full but apparently she didn’t want that & came up to get me ugh

Had a nasty headache/migraine last night so at least I went to bed early ish. Thankfully it’s gone this morning but I can feel it on the edge again… think it’s this crappy weather. Clouds & wet all day

morning routine barely started but I’ll get there

For planning part of day I’ll work on Sunday’s menu & grocery list - having family over for Palm Sunday dinner - not too many just my sisters family - easing back in

Zone mission is a hot spot fire drill in the living/family room. Also need to do leftover tasks from yesterday -collect trash & dust 

workout - strength train 

Did a bunch with the tax packet yesterday -today need dh input & need to print some documents (unless I can upload) printing is never an easy task 

Need to pick something to send DD for Easter and do it - may do an order of her fave dark chocolates and cookies then a meal from wegmans?

Play portion of the day will be some reading 

Don’t know if a dog walk will be possible

Basic easy chili tonight - I’ll make that tube of biscuits for DH with it


From: friedchickn


Up and at em....sort of.  Just kinda rolling into today.  I'm wicked sore and still tired from all the weekend activities.

Need to figure out something for dinner...and hit the grocery, potentially before lunch so dh has something.  I still have leftovers.  Also need to figure out my breakfast tomorrow....and do something with the sourdough.  Thinking pizza dough

Leftover from yesterday...finish watering the plants.

I want to get a pliability workout in...and I have Buti tonight.  I also have a piano lesson.

Dog bowls and some's really a pretty easy day.