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Wednesday, March 29th - To Do

Started 3/29/23 by scapermom; 147 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine started - dog’s out, laundry going, kitchen in progress

So much junk email to go through & delete  

DH took a sick day today and went back to bed. Going to nag him to go see his doctor - not that I think they can do anything, but he’s been feeling crappy like a week now. Hoping another day of rest at least helps kick this 

Feeling the need for aerobic activity so either outside walk since it’s sunny or inside walk at home will be done 

need to go grocery shopping - just a few things on my list

it’s wednesday so bills & finish up taxes hopefully. Also should do some filing

dog walk

took out a ranch steak i found in the freezer for dinner - I’ll figure out how to make it into something


From: friedchickn


Met a friend for breakfast...just getting back now.

Lunch will be leftovers.  Dinner will be soup and sandwiches...thinking of making a broccoli/potato soup...adding a little leftover chorizo to spice things up....and plain old grilled cheese to go with.

A crossfit workout and a pliability workout.

piano practice

cat litter

and then I'll continue to work purge/clean...