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Thursday, March 30th- to do

Started 3/30/23 by friedchickn; 146 views.
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From: friedchickn


Did not sleep....night sweats, heck...even a leg cramp.  Sigh.....

Oh well...time to get on with gettin on...

So hubby got his annual review package and holy smokes!!!!  So instead of soup and sandwich, we went out for cocktails....which turned into dinner.  Since I have yoga and he has bowling tonight...I'm making up the soup for lunch and I'll freeze what's left over.  

I was able to process the last of the 50 lb bag of potatoes....some were getting sketchy.  So I have a bunch of those in the freezer too.

Today's workout....a short dog walk (it's cold and windy and snowing again), maybe a long pliability and Buti yoga tonight.

Read another chapter in my book

piano practice.

I fixed the jet ski seat cushion yesterday and dh handed over a pair of ski mittens that also need I'll do that today so he has them for the weekend.

Started a new puzzle and I'm almost done with it....crap fluff easy puzzle.


From: scapermom


Dog woke me up at some ungodly hour but I was able to settle her & me back to sleep

started the morning routine, dog out, laundry going, kitchen tbd

zone mission is detailed vacuuming in the family/living room

workout is strength train

so much junk email to clean out

need to scan some docs

dog walk later

Sheet pan burger salads tonight

read some