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Wednesday, May 3rd - To Do

Started 5/3/23 by scapermom; 141 views.
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From: scapermom


Thought it was supposed to be April showers? But they have now bled into May I guess? More rain expected today on& off. Glad I took advantage of the dry yesterday & started filling one of my garden beds. Need more dirt, but need DH to go get that with me

morning underway - laundry’s going, dog’s been out & her breakfast is served, need to unload dishwasher 

zone mission sounds like we should tend to our indoor plants - dust, water & prune 

dd’s last radio show for the semester is this morning, so I’ll have to listen and try to get things done while I do that

will head to Aldi for a few things at the end of the show

it’s wednesday - anti procrastination day - so I’ll do bills and what goes with that - taxes are due too but think I’ll save going to the township for tomorrow.

should make that doctors appointment 

Arbonne has nutrition products on discount & I really like the taste of the simply1 vanilla shake, so think I’ll stock up on some

Dog walk at some dry point

Tons of emails to get through

spend some time on the elliptical - skipped it yesterday since the garden work was enough of a workout 

going to throw some chicken breasts in the crockpot in a bit for tonight’s dinner- Italian chicken - I’ll make pasta for dh to have his with and also buy some rolls so he can take leftovers for work lunch


From: friedchickn


I dunno....June is always so rainy it now April, May and June!?!?!  Still pouring here...flooding isn't so bad's like they figured out the various dams finally.

That's a great zone mission...I did pot a transplant I've been meaning to do...that's gonna have to count.  LOL.  I also finished watering...hadn't done the plants in my office yet.

It's finals week for dd...can't believe she's almost done with her first year of med school!!!

It's been a wildlife morning....we had a bald eagle and now a huge flock of turkeys.

Breakfast...last waffle for me and dh made some leftover french fries into a hash for himself.  Lunch...I have leftover pizza from dinner and dh has a sandwich with the last of the deli meat I bought for Monday's dinner.  Beef quesadillas for dinner.  There's a ton of veggies that we either need to eat or freeze on Friday.  I can never seem to get veggies right...LOL

Another crossfit day.  Yesterday sucked.  

piano practice

cat litter

and today in packing...I'm going to focus on swim wear and what I need to wear for the 2 excursions (ziplining and rafting).  Managed formal wear yesterday...


From: scapermom


Yikes onthe zip lining - brave you are! Are you doing a cruise?


From: friedchickn


Dh has the annual company event in Hawaii.  We tacked on a day at the front...but other than's planned event, planned event, planned event.  Sounds like fun...but it's really alot of work.


From: scapermom


Understood & remember them well - at least it will be warm and hopefully not rainy