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Wednesday, September 18th - To Do

Started 9/18/19 by scapermom; 138 views.

From: friedchickn


I’m tired. Didn’t sleep great. Again. Ugghh

Already went to the farm. Last time, we are supposed to get a hard frost tonight and that will kill whatever is left. Bittersweet...I’ve had some good laughs. 

Just got back from the dump, post office, grocery run. Had to get meds for travel diarrhea...hopefully we won’t need. And a new cat litter scoop cause ours is about to snap in 1/2. And you know it’ll happen while I have cat sitters. 

Fed the piano. Did some light cleaning. 

Don’t want to workout. Don’t want to practice piano. But I will. Eventually. 

Dh gets home at around 6...and we are eating out!!!  Lol.


From: scapermom


That reminds me I need to take in the basil plants I started late from seed before they freeze. Though don’t think it is going that low here. I think they said 40s?