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Thursday, October 24th - To Do

Started 10/24/19 by scapermom; 116 views.

From: friedchickn


The animals were assholes this morning. So I’m up earlier than I’d like. Grrrr.

I have lunch with the ladies from the farm, should be fun. Then since I’m out and in that direction, I’m gonna go get my frames. And while I’m in that direction, I’ll hit Walmart for a gift for my FIL, cause they’re coming up this weekend and he’s going to expect a gift. He’s that kinda guy.

I’d like to vacuum dh’s office since it’s my last chance. And the mudroom needs some love.

I broke out cookie dough from the freezer but I might do those tomorrow. I also need to take out some meat for dh’s return. I’ve just been living off the contents of the fridge...but he gets picky.

Picked up next month’s book club book and a book on elder care, well letting them die...aka Library lady recommended it and we talked about our elder care nightmares for like 30 minutes. Maybe a new friend in town? I’d like to crack into one or the other today. I’m not a speedy reader and now I feel the deadline looming. Lol

That’s about tonight. 


From: scapermom


Yeah I never finish a book in the time allotted anymore. That’s if I actually attempt to read. The only one I read fast (in the 3 weeks they give you) was The Help because I was unable to renew it since it was so popular at the time. It was also good and an easy read.

what’s the book club book?


From: friedchickn


It’s a 5 or 6 part series on New England life. This one is by an author from Southie...think it’s called All Souls. Or something like that.