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Thursday, December 26th - To Do

Started Dec-26 by scapermom; 79 views.
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From: scapermom


So the house is looking like at least one bomb went off in it... Not going to stress about it. Doing one load of laundry. Then I want to finish wrapping what I have for tomorrow’s extended family Christmas. 

Should make a batch of bone broth. DD finished off what I had.

Other than that, I’m planning on a low spend month next month, so need to take inventory of what I have. Never done one, so also need to learn.

No idea about dinner tonight. I have some leftover pork from the other day. Maybe I can do something with that? Stir fry?


From: friedchickn


And....we are back at it.

Dd is boooooorrrreeedddd.  How can I tell, cause I wanna choke her, lol....funny not funny.

Got up early so I could drop doggo off at his daycare eval.  He was sooooo nervous, I hope he gets over himself and has fun.  All the dogs seemed really friendly.

Dropped the contractor's chargers off on the way home.  One of his guys had misplaced them the other day and I gather from the panicked text messages was going to be on the hook for them if they didn't turn up.  I found them pretty easy.

Dh is off skiing....dd declined to go. (Dh was pretty pleased with that actually....sigh)

So now....I'm trying to gear up for the weekend....we have family xmas with my ILs and then dh and I have to drive down to NH for a funeral.  So 6+ hours on the least dd will be here to watch the dog.  Although that may be more trouble than it's worth.

No clue about dnner for tonight...waiting on dh's response about family dinner this weekend before I make another trek to the grocery.

Laundry.  Piano.  A workout.

And I need to order a few more b-day gifts for dh...