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Monday, December 30th - To Do

Started 12/30/19 by scapermom; 89 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?

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From: scapermom


Laundry’s going. DH went back to work today, DD & I are still in vacay mode.

I’ve decided to do a a low spend month for January. I started doing inventory and got refrigerator & one freezer done yesterday. Today I’ll finish the fridge-freezer then tackle the pantries. One thing I found already is I have more than I thought to make some meals with this week so not grocery shopping today.

It’s also Monday and the house needs a good going over - so I’ll vacuum, damp mop, dust, purge papers/magazines, empty trash, change linens & shine mirrors & doors.

Did some Christmas cleanup yesterday. Need to finish putting away wrapping and get DD to go through her stuff and find homes for it. Either that or I’ll just dump it all in her room with everything else.

It’s still raining from yesterday so no dog walk. NOt supposed to stop until after 9pm tonight, so she’s out of luck.

Told DD maybe we would head to a movie today. Sure us and everyone else in NJ probably... Perhaps we’ll watch something together on Netflix instead?

Dinner tonight is pork with cabbage & apples.


From: friedchickn


2 days of doing stuff I didn’t want to do but had today I’m cutting myself some slack. Might just sit and read for a bit....maybe a long bit...before tackling all the to-dos. Cause I can’t just do nothing....I’m not built like that.

dishwasher is going and I’ll start laundry soon. Need to figure out dinner and Dd has friends who arrived last need to figure out what they’ll eat.

its bills and receipts.

a workout and some piano.