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Monday, March 23rd - To Do

Started Mar-23 by scapermom; 108 views.

From: friedchickn


From what I've heard....most farmers are suffering cause they typically supply restaurants...and those are obviously shut down.  We have a town facebook group and our local farmers have been posting what they can offer and how to arrange payment and pickup.  There's no lack of meat, eggs and dairy up here....veggies are a little harder to come by.  It being winter in the state of maine....and not quite mud season yet.


From: friedchickn


Let's get this apocalypse going!!!

Dh and I were both up early.  Neither of us can sleep. 

He has his annual physical today....and was trying to fast before his labs.  I had to eat....I'm sorry babe...I'm hungry.

Dropped the kids food pantry stuff off.  They were down to almost nothing.  The town food pantry is now open weekly (used to be monthly) and they have set up an emergency number to call for food. This area has some real scary poverty....and this isn't helping.

Dh has to talk with the's his turn.  LOL.  We want to continue work, and are happy to keep a few guys employed...but he has to slow his roll a bit.  Market is not good looking.....and dh wants to keep some cash in reserve....just in case.

Dd got up, worked out and is probably starting classes in a bit.

And even the dog has a  One of our town friends has 2 dd's in high school.  One is a senior and has sunk into a major funk.  She won't leave the house, isn't eating, crying all the time.  She loves dogs and the mom asked if anyone would be willing to donate their dog for walks.  So we offered up Leo.  Hopefully he helps...he's such a goofy love, how couldn't he?

As for me....

I'll be cleaning the kitchen once dh gets back from his appt and has breakfast.  Lunch is leftovers and dinner is chili.  We ate leftovers for dinner last night instead of making the chili then. Sooooo many leftovers....why?????  

I also have an empty pickled jalapeno ring jar....and I'm gonna stuff it full of carrot sticks.  Hoping to make pickled carrot sticks which will be awesome with the buffalo chicken sandwiches I have planned for later in the week (assuming I can find rolls).

Gonna do my yoga session in a bit.  Finish with my plank.  (I've been listening to a quick podcast called Before Breakfast during it....they do short topics 5 -10 min)

Then some bills and a few check statements.

Emails need cleaning out....mostly cause I use it as an electronic notepad.  LOL.

main floor needs vacuuming.  Maybe a good wash too.

Workout at 1.

Lunch.  More kitchen cleaning.


I started the cat litter experiment.  Need to check and see if anyone is using that box.

Also pulled out my house binder....gonna take this time go through, clear out old and useless and reorganize it.  That'll be this week's office project.

Dh made me another shoe tray for downstairs.  Need to tape it off and poly coat the inside.  Hope I have enough poly ....otherwise I get to navigate the lumber store's new interaction policy.

and I'm so close to finishing my I'd like to do that.