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Friday, April 3rd - To Do

Started Apr-3 by scapermom; 82 views.

From: friedchickn

Apr-3 is about acquisition....

After dh and I had breakfast, we went and got eggs and more breakfast sausage from the farm stand.  Dd was working out.  Came home, fed the kid and finished my grocery list.  Started the dishwasher and geared up for the stupid store.

I will was incredibly civilized.  Everyone was being cheerful and nice.  Shelves were oddly full and oddly bare.  So I got what I needed and some basic stuff I could work with.  And one of my favorite stockers, this sweet old guy, went in the back and brought me a package of he'd gifted me the universe.  LOL.  I didn't need any TP but he seemed so happy to give me some.  So I took it and thanked him.

Everything is put away and I'm just sifting through emails and news.  Gonna try and get my romwod, plank and squat challenge done and then eat some lunch before I head out to work the farmer's market.

Need to call grumpy goat about the changes to his schedule.

Practice piano.

Do a load of laundry.

Dinner....tiny dinos, tater tots and a side salad....