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Monday, June 8th - To Do

Started Jun-8 by scapermom; 70 views.
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From: scapermom


Its monday, so house blessing hour to commence. DD and dog have been taken care of. My stomachs off so dont feel like eating. Think Ill fast then maybe make a smoothie later.

have more receipts to upload. 

Want to get back in the exercise routine. Have been slacking or just doing a bit here and there. Not cutting it.

DD has a bunch to do for graduation. I swear virtual is more work than regular. Videos and pictures to send in.

also my mother in law and DH’s aunt who I call the 3rd grandma, Want pictures of DD in cap and gown. We did a photo shoot the other day in the yard but DD wasn’t Thrilled with outcomes so I’m going to ask my friend who is a better photographer (has a real camera even) to take some for us. 

Today’s flylady mission: 

We are in the Kitchen this week and we are going to work our way through from top to bottom!Your mission for today is to look UP!Today we are going to look up, set your timer for 10 minutes and take a broom or a Multi-wand and get those dust bunnies and cobwebs that are hanging on the upper walls that are taller than you, the corners of the ceilings and the ceiling. If you are feeling adventurous ask someone in the house to help you and take a damp rag to the light fixture and/or ceiling fan. Please be careful! Don't get obsessed and take your light fixture apart or repaint the ceiling.Babysteps!

going to take out salmon for dinner tonight since DH will be home and will grill for us.


From: friedchickn


ooooofffff.  When all you do is have fun all weekend, there sure is alot of work to do come Monday.  And I'm bone tired.....oh well.

I've got my first load of laundry in...looks like at least 2.  Maybe 3.  Not all of those are getting done, that's for sure.  And there's clothes in the dryer and on the drying rack....sigh.

Cat litter....cause that never got done.  Cat also left a gift this morning to convey his displeasure.  Gotcha.  Switching calendar to Monday's and Friday's to avoid future gifts.

Workout at 10:30....I can't begin to tell you how much I don't wanna.  Yoga at 5 at the studio!!!!  Yup....we can go back.  Class size is limited, so you have to declare you are going and bring your own stuff.  Not a problem. Today's ROMWOD and squat challenge will probably not be happening. bills, emails....there are 100's....and receipts.

Need to put together a fairly large amazon order.

piano practice.

Food....took out some curry from the freezer so dh has something for lunch....cause ZERO food in the fridge.  I'll suffer or scrape together something.  So will dd...she doesn't care.  Only he does.  Dinner...beef stroganoff.  Also have chicken in the sous vide so we have some ready made protein in the fridge.  Took out some bacon...that I'll attempt to cook sometime today.  And....I need a grocery trip....but it probably won't happen til after lunch.  I'm not prepared.

Need to call the electrician to install the ceiling fans.  Need to call the propane fire place people cause of the service light.  Need to call the kid's pantry lady to make sure they are set on supplies.

random.....oh that list is exhausting....let's not go there today.


From: scapermom


Well, at least you had a fun weekend! 


From: friedchickn


That's what I kept telling myself ALL day when I'd peel my ass off the chair and do more off the list.  I got most of it done....