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Wednesday, July 1st - To Do

Started Jul-1 by scapermom; 63 views.

From: friedchickn


Yesterday was a whirlwind of nothing (except I did practice piano) got done at home.  Today I really need to make up for that.  Having dh "not" working is really weird and screwing with my schedule.

He has a list of projects to keep him busy hopefully that helps.

Unloaded the dishwasher, kitchen still needs cleaning.  Also need to clean out the fridge.

Sourdough starter needs feeding.

Need to figure out lunch and dinner. At some point....a grocery trip.  But I still need to figure out food for the weekend and a drink for Friday night's dock party.

Dump day.  Need to gather all the trash and recycling. should be a project cause I haven't done squat since Thursday.  LOL

Practice piano

I have a giant pile of mail and bills and receipts to go through.

And I need to get a sympathy card and order a carbon monoxide detector for the boat (marine grade, wired in).  Which should be a project and a half.

Best to get after it I guess.....


From: friedchickn


How's she liking the classes?


From: scapermom


I know what you mean! DH decided to take a nap on the couch just when I wanted to vacuum the rug in there! If it’s not the dog in the way it’s him... 


From: scapermom


She liked yesterday’s class better than the Monday/Wed ones. They are both the “Foundation” courses - Why College? (How to act and do things in college - her HS well equipped her for this and she wrote a note to a teacher to thank her yesterday since she saw how little the other kids knew). The other one is about Community - explores the area/gives them some bearing around Ithaca.

So they exhausted her mentally the first day. Plus they are full and moving slow using Zoom, so the Prof’s are assigning stuff they should have covered in class as homework. So she’s been busy doing that something she didn’t consider when signing up for them.

The Tues/thurs class is more to her liking Subject wise. It’s about game design and taught by a film writer prof. Right up her alley! She’s totally enjoying it.