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Friday, July 10th - To Do

Started Jul-10 by scapermom; 99 views.

From: friedchickn


I read that and first thought "nothing"....which isn't true, but wouldn't it be nice?

Just finished cleaning up the kitchen from someone's midnight snack....grr.  Made waffles using the sourdough.  And started the dishwasher.  I had delusions of making chocolate chip cookie dough to take to the lake this weekend but i don't see that happening now.

Working out at 10:30...ughhh

I'll shower quick and maybe squeeze in my piano before heading to the Farmer's market.  The coordinator won't be there and has tasked me with leading....why? I don't wanna lead crap.  And insult to injury...I didn't even place an order this time cause I've been struggling with our eating habits and the boating (which is mostly crap and alcohol).

When I get litter and pack and head to the lake.

Oh and log on to the IRS site and fix my MILs stimulus check which I botched yesterday and got timed out of.


From: scapermom


You reminded me I need to find a good cookie recipe using almond flour. I’ve got a ton of it now. I had the costco sized bag and my sister gave me hers.


From: friedchickn

Jul-10 is my go to for ingredient searches