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Tuesday, July 14th - To Do

Started Jul-14 by scapermom; 81 views.

From: friedchickn


I slept AWFUL last night.  I was HOT and had to pee like 100 times.  What is going on?????  Sigh

Dh has calls this morning so he ate early.  Haven't heard a peep from dd....  I had a leftover toasted waffle with the scrapings of peanut butter that were left.

Groceries!!!!! I still had 2 dinners on the menu but I'm positive I've used most of the I'll look into that first.  I'm thinking Philly Cheesesteak Pasta for dinner.

It's black and rumbly outside....I have the windows open in a desperate attempt at fresh air but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need to close them all before I get on my 10 am call.

Talking to our lawyer about how to setup the rental property.  I have NO idea what I am doing.  AT ALL.

Workout at 11...I think.  Romwod and a plank.

Never managed to practice piano last night....instead I sat and peacefully read my horrendously overdue book.  It's soooo good.

Dog claws and dog bowls

Yesterday's laundry needs folding and putting away.

And then I'll look at my never ending list of stuff that needs doing....sigh.  I DONT WANNA


From: friedchickn


I'm so glad they are able to do a ceremony!!!!  Tell her congrats (from some strange woman in Maine)


From: scapermom


I did. She laughed and said thanks! Lol!