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Monday, September 14th - To Do

Started 9/14/20 by scapermom; 123 views.

From: friedchickn


Dh is in a mood and boy, I'm gonna choke him if he doesn't snap out of it....he's currently over at the ILs cause they can't get their tv to work....sigh....half the issue there is that they insist on buying a certain brand despite the fact that dh will be the one to do all the work and then he's massively aggravated when he has to troubleshoot some cheap piece of crap.

Kitchen is cleaned up and I have the massively full dishwasher running.  I also pulled out meat to defrost...gonna make a double batch of mini meatloaves and use up some leftover frozen pasta and make mac and cheese to go with.  The freezer is out of control....again.  So I'll work on using up some odds and ends this week.  (Might need to make more breadcrumbs which usually helps tremendously with that)

A workout, romwod and side planks....gonna do those ones where you curl your arm under for 30 seconds each side (can't remember what they're called)

It's bills, receipts and emails.  Looks light today....but tomorrow is payday.

I didn't get my walgreens challenge last I'm gonna try again this week.  10,000 steps with my current schedule is HARD

piano practice

cat litter

gonna change out the linens...I'll wash them tomorrow

water the plants and....pass out?  Cause seriously that's a ton of stuff....


From: friedchickn


Am I the only person who always does the toilet base and surrounding area when I clean it?  Cause dh looks at me like I'm a freak when I explain it needs to be done....god, he's such a slob....

I mean obviously....clean the inside....but there's an outside too...and what my aunt used to call "pecker tracks" on the floor...LOL


From: scapermom


Lol! I do too. But most don’t - heck do most even clean the inside onthe regular?

My mom told me a story about my aunt who got married at 18 and knew nothing About housekeeping (her mom died when she was really young & this is way before flylady). Well she never knew to or thought to clean the outside of the bowl and had 2 boys besides the husband using it. So when my grandmother went there one day & saw mushrooms growing behind the toilet, she told her what she needed to do! 


From: friedchickn



I'd be mortified