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Wednesday, September 23rd - To Do

Started Sep-23 by scapermom; 83 views.
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From: scapermom


Got the bag of veggies off the porch, so need to clean, store and figure out how I’m using that this week. There are onions in there so I’ll put them outside to cure.

DH just finished breakfast and will be heading to his moms in a bit to take her for therapy & shopping.

dd’s classes start at 11 so dining hall will beserving brunch service.

Makes me wonder why I even bother cleaning the kitchen. It’s always in use.

The bone broth I made the other day is almost out. Do I make more today or wait until it’s actually out? (Tomorrow)

it’s wednesday so bills, file, receipts. Noticing several stacks of papers growing, so need to attack those as well.

The mission: 

Zone 4: Mission #3 Wednesday
Dear Friends: We are back in the master bedroom and now we are going after the dust bunnies! Let's grab those feather dusters or dust rags and dust the bedroom furniture. This means to pick up anything that is on these surfaces and dust underneath of them, also to dust the lamps and the decorative items as well. Bust out the Dust!

Lunch: leftover taco soup and salad

dinner: salmon, green beans & potatoes 


From: friedchickn


When exactly does life slow down?  

So dh is still negotiating with the potential new job.  He got an official offer, of which he's unhappy about several terms...and has gone back to them again.  Meanwhile, he told his current boss he has an offer and so his current company is scrambling to find an incentive worthy of retaining him.  The tension is a thick cloud over the whole house.

Had breakfast with the ladies....felt like a gorgeous fall day and the trees have really started to turn.  Just beautiful!!!! I'm just getting going....

I have 2 poblano peppers in the oven roasting....I'll use them in something later this week.  dd requested a pumpkin bread and since I don't have to do dinner....I might do that.  Lunch is leftovers.  Dinner is out...cause it's Wednesday.  Dd has something tonight so we'll bring her back something.

Workout, romwod and a 30 sec bridge pose....which wasn't bad at all.  So I might make it a full min instead.

Piano lesson at 4:15

I'm sucking wind on the walgreens challenge....I just can't get to 10,000 steps.  sigh

Dump run.

Dog claws cause I didn't get to it yesterday....Priority 1

Might push the sour dough to tomorrow...and make rolls to go with the shepherd's pie I was planning.  have to look up how long it needs to sit....might have to start it today anyways.

List the table and banquet seats....I managed to get pics and dimensions yesterday just before yoga class (and just before my FIL pissed me off, sigh).  That's priority 2....cause I need to make some progress on paring down the houseful of furniture before moving day (whenever that is).

On that same note....need to move some stuff up to the attic...I hate those rickety pull down stairs more than life itself.

Clean the other cooler...managed to get 1 done yesterday.

And a trip to the bank to get more week money.