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Monday, October 5th - To Do

Started 10/5/20 by scapermom; 131 views.

From: friedchickn



I'm up and exhausted.  Long fun weekend on the boat...only one more, maybe? Then I don't know what I'll do with myself.

Everyone has had breakfast.  Dishwasher is started. Dog is sitting out on the deck.  He loves this weather.

Dh took this week off from work....and he's made himself a very long honey do list.  I did add a few things I've been nagging about....but mostly I'm just tired of asking.  So I guess we will just see.  

It's the usual Monday for me.  No time off from work here. So.....

I'll get my romwod and a workout in....gonna do another week of bridge poses for 1 min.  I think it's helping and 1 min isn't too bad.

Piano practice

Bills, emails, receipts and distribution of week money.

Cat litter

Water plants

Need to relist the table and list the mini fridge dd no longer wants

Groceries....and dinner will be mini meatloaves, mashed and roasted brussels

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From: scapermom


Can’t believe I did that. Well proof that I need a ton of coffee to wake up today. Been up for hours already, but still not awake. So out of sorts today.

Started today’s house blessing. Stripped beds, dog taken care of, laundry started, kitchen cleaned. 

4 minute workout done (1st of 3) also trying to get in steps today.

dog walk in a few while it’s nice

I’ve got DH (Took a vacation day since he’s got a ton to use) & DD doing classes at home today. Part of my out of sorts... 

need a CVS run, just made my list, maybe a bank stop

didn’t get to water plants yesterday so moving that to today.

Lunch - leftover Tex Mex casserole 

Dinner - DH’s choice

Rest of house blessing tbd

dog walk


From: friedchickn


ohhhhh.  Clean sheets sounds wonderful....