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Friday, Feb 19th-to do

Started Feb-19 by friedchickn; 62 views.
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From: friedchickn


I'm assuming you are busy tackling a beast of a I posted...hope everything is ok.

Dh had an eye doctor he went skiing at the crack of dawn and then went there and is only now getting started on his day.  Of course he can't work on the computer cause his pupils are the size of dinner plates....he's recording himself reading a children's book for an assignment all the E-Staff got....he's not thrilled.

Weekend plans are all set.  Tonight we are meeting friends at a steakhouse about an hour away.  Tomorrow, beer and snacks at a brewery with another set of friends.  Sunday, a free movie at the little theater in town....Minari? I dunno if it's gonna be any good.  A dozen chores and errands to fill in the gaps.

Working out in a bit.  Get my ROMWOD in and a plank and some GHD work.

Piano practice if I can snug it in.

Emails are out of I need to do a late week cleaning and address some stuff that came up.  Ordered my free box from soda sense to return empties (they're running a promotion).  Ordered checks...cause apparently I have one book left.  Paying a few bills...

Gonna give the fridge a nice wipe down since it's pretty sparse.  Chop up some carrots for quick snack.  Might make some roasted chickpeas if I get a chance today or tomorrow.

Taxes for 15 min.

15 min on Entitled and 1 chapter in this great new book I started....Baby Teeth, it's twisted as hell.

Couple GG calls

And laundry and vacuuming....maybe.


From: scapermom


One of those days where I’m moving in several directions and not getting anything done...sigh

dog fed & out, laundry started, kitchen tbd - DH did most of it already thankfully. He’s almost ready for lunch break so I should have something ready or at least a suggestion. seems like there are more breaks than actual work for this class.

want to do at least 10mins on the bike, and arm workout. 
dog walk later if not too icy out.

‘today’s mission and declutter for 15 mins. 
Call my sis to check in. She’s home and called me the other night. Sounded good.

was able to take out American Dirt from e-library- and started it. Seems like a good read. Want to get to more tonight.

scallops for dinner 


From: friedchickn


It's really a good book....


From: scapermom


Agreed. Read several more chapters yesterday.