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Where are our cheerleaders?

Started Feb-23 by friedchickn; 56 views.

From: friedchickn


Got to whine a bit....

Last night I spent forever texting with Dd cause she had a bad day. Pumping her up, making her feel better.

Today, Dh is having a bad day at work. So I’m reassuring him and smoothing his feathers.

Call GG and spend 15 min smoothing his feathers and pumping him up.

And as I sit here I’m wondering when was the last time someone was my cheerleader? I’m always there for everyone else....and I don’t think any of them even realize I could use some encouragement.



From: scapermom


Sorry you’re feeling like that. Virtual Hugs! I’ve certainly been there. We wear so many hats. I think they see us as superwoman or something? Maybe we need to be more vocal about it? Unfortunately with me I get to an exploding point, then everyone realizes and is great for a day or two. 
Sounds like you need a night out with the ladies? Or do something nice for yourself? Just take a day off.


From: friedchickn



I struggle with taking a day just for me.  A) I can't sit still that long and B) it just feels like I make the next day worse.  KWIM?

Sigh....things could be worse....