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Wednesday, May 19th - To Do

Started May-19 by scapermom; 108 views.

From: friedchickn


Yes i do.....I have a hell of a list today.

Hearing is at 1:30.  We have 90 min booked.  So that should be fun.  Meeting with the lawyer at 11.  So a day of legal ####.

Boat hasn't shipped.  Hauler didn't show on Monday and missed the appointment with the hoist.  Hoist left.  Hauler is supposed to arrive today...we had to move the boat to a different marina...where the hoist went, so they can get it on the truck.  Had to put it back together, hire a captain to drive it over and then take it back apart for transport.  Needless to say.....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  FML.

Should be working out at I guess after the lawyer.

Cat litter.  Maybe a dump run.

Waiting on contact info to send the paperwork for the LLC (restaurant)

Maybe piano practice

And then dd should be here....returning the dog and dropping her jeep...and stealing my car.

Oh and I have to meet with a landscaper at the duplex now that the deck is finished.

Dinner.  Thankfully.  Out.


From: scapermom


Any thoughts/recommendations on how to del with the kittens on the side of my house? They seem to be doing well at the moment  - hopefully mama is saving me from a vole problem. But should I leave food or water? 


From: friedchickn


I'd call the local animal resource officer ( catcher).  They'll set traps and collect mom and her kittens.

There are very few (if any) kill shelters in the Northeast.  They'll take mom, spay her and probably release her back into the wild.  And they'll find good homes for the kittens.

Otherwise they're gonna multiply....and once those kittens aren't nursing anymore....the parasite load they probably have will slowly kill them or leave them a diseased mess.