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Wednesday, June 16th - To Do

Started Jun-16 by scapermom; 87 views.

From: friedchickn


Both dh and I slept in....a rarity for him and a delight for me, cause he wasn't banging around downstairs...are all men so damn loud???

Made berry sourdough waffles, still have to clean the waffle maker but the rest of the kitchen is cleaned and the dishwasher is running.

Need to flip the laundry and fold yesterday's load.

Hot tub didn't get gotten to....i'll do that today

Need to stop by the bank....which also didn't happen.  And I now have a stack of mail to deal with from yesterday.

Dump day!  Gather and go.

Workouts....crossfit, romwod, plank and some GHD

My book is almost done....but I did pick up a new one...

piano practice

I'm not on dinner duty since I have a meeting tonight.  In person!!!  Holy moly!!!!