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Thursday, July 8th - To Do

Started Jul-8 by scapermom; 102 views.

From: friedchickn


My ILs have friends in town and somehow we are part of the tour....I don't get that.  Like at all.  So I was up early, made the bed (which I never do because dh and I sleep in 2 completely distinct nests), cleaned the bathrooms and generally picked the place up.  Sigh.  It wasn't too bad, not like I keep a mess or anything but why???????

Sourdough starter taken out, gonna make a meaty cheesy loaf for dh to pop in the oven while I'm at yoga tonight.

It's overcast and yuck....perfect weeding weather.  So once I finish up with my coffee I'll be heading out to do that for an hour or so.

piano practice.

cat claws

fold yesterday's laundry

1 chapter

and that's pretty much it.....


From: friedchickn


I liked atomic habits....and I've always wanted to try canning....let me know what you think.