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Wednesday, July 21st - To Do

Started Jul-21 by scapermom; 136 views.
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From: scapermom


Coffee then early dog walk. Don’t know if it’s effecting you up there but we are seeing effects of the fires out west here in our air quality. It’s fairly hazy. 
got my temp cap yesterday. No issues. Feel like I was beat up tho. May just do an easy yoga to stretch out today. 
didn’t get to calls yesterday or to the Arbonne order, so today

its Wednesday so bills and such


put together the box to mail ahead to DD’s dorm. Thinking bedding in there. DH is home and can take it to fedex toget his discount 

speaking of, Dd wants a Target trip

lots of little things left in the fridge for dinner, think it’s a fend for yourself night


From: friedchickn


Dh had an interview at 8 am this he left "dog duty" to me.  Of course the dog ate grass, barfed and refused to poop.  Sigh.  Not how I like to start my morning.

Breakfast done.  Managed to stuff the morning dishes in the already too full dishwasher that I meant to run last night and somehow forgot.

Hit the grocery for this weekend's boat food.  Dh is smoking pork loins, almonds and cheddar cheese.

Took the sourdough starter out....making some banana muffins with it later today.

Still no word from the doctor's office so I'm gonna call over and poke.

Workout at 1:30.  Might get a romwod in too.

piano practice

Dump run!!!

Work on this week's list of 3.

Tonight dh wants to go do that bike ride thing again....I might stay home and just chill, not sure...


From: friedchickn


I didn't think anything of the haze outside....just assumed it was overcast but then saw all the weather articles about it.  It's kinda unbelievable that fires out west can cause haze in Maine!!!!!