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Thursday, July 22nd - To Do

Started Jul-22 by scapermom; 108 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine barely started.
Migraine last night put me out of commission then finally got to sleep at about 1am while listening to an audio book I forgot I took out - What you pay for college? I think the name is?. 3 wake ups and fall backs later and here I am. Still foggy but hoping coffee will do the trick.
Early dog walk
DH brought the CSA bag in, so I’ll unpack, clean pack and store what’s in there and plan how to incorporate it into meals. I think there’s basil, so may make a batch of pesto with that. It goes bad so fast. I’ll freeze what I don’t make into the pesto.
Today’s Flymission
Dd was feeling pretty miserable yesterday. Think it was allergies, but Sudafed did nothing for her during the day, so she took NyQuil last night to sleep. Hopefully she feels better today and we can go do some errands today.
Easy yoga stretch again sounds like the thing to do
Need to research hair loss for my sister.
No plan for dinner. Maybe take out?

From: friedchickn


A salty boozy night out does nothing for my sleep patterns...sigh.  So I'm kinda groggy too.

Slow start for sure, although luckily Thursday's have been kinda quiet lately.

Heard back from the dr yesterday.....had to call and prompt...sigh.  Nothing cancerous, how the heck they can tell that is beyond me.  But a 7 cm mass that def has to go.  So I'm getting a referral...and we'll go from there.  

I have the tiniest load of laundry to fold...dh needed a few things for a bike race yesterday.

piano practice

might go for a run to ward off this evenings calories.  couple of us are taking another friend for dinner for her birthday.

today is bathroom day.

and I'll continue on my list of 3...running out of runway to get them done this week, so that'll be my priority i guess.