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Business Book of the Week 12/29   Business Book of the Week

Started Dec-30 by stevo4747; 64 views.

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Stevo's Business Book of the week for the week of 12/29 is:

Work Energy: Finish Everything You Start and Fearlessly Take On Any Goal by Jim Harmer (Income School, $24.95 - What's Your Work Energy? It was only nine years ago that Jim Harmer worked at a dollar store, stocking shelves while struggling through law school. He had worked hard for his goals, but there was no assurance in sight that he would ever achieve them. During that year, he learned a key truth that changed the way Jim viewed himself. He found the one unique quality inside him--one we all have--that gave him a reason to work. He didn't know it then, but that secret ingredient was his Work Energy. Now, after creating a digital brand that has attracted over 70 million people and made him financially free, Jim has constructed the framework behind his success. Within this book, you will discover your own Work Energy: the drive behind everything you do and the reason you can take on any goal. Jim Harmer is the founder of Improve Photography and several other successful blogs. His current company, Income School, has helped thousands provide for their families through blogging and YouTubing. Jim lives in Star, Idaho, with his wife, Emily, and their three children)