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Stevo's Business Book of the Week 6/14   Business Book of the Week

Started Jun-15 by stevo4747; 64 views.

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Stevo's Business Book of the Week for the week of 6/14 is:

Future Proof: Reinventing Work in the Age of Acceleration by Diana Wu David (Lioncrest Publishing, $15.99 - For too many of us, work has become an inescapable treadmill of personal sacrifice. But having the career we want shouldn’t require us to lose ourselves. We all deserve a humanistic and sustainable job environment—and now we can have it.In “Future Proof,” Diana Wu David tells how her own career-focused existence shifted after the suicide of a friend, prompting her to realize there was a better way to work. Drawing on real-life stories, arguing for being truly present in life, she shows you how you can use innovation in your career and life—including experimentation, collaboration, reinvention, and recalibrating success—to make your career more resilient, relevant, competitive, and enjoyable in an ever-changing global landscape. You can have a prosperous career packed with meaning, joy, and purpose—and this book is the tool that will help you get off that treadmill and run free)