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Stevo's Book Reviews on the Internet

This forum contains Steve Brock's monthly recommendations of the best fiction, nonfiction, and children's books, as well as a selection of a Business Book of the Week.  As of August, 2013, my Business Book of the Week selections will appear as a recommendation on my Goodreads profile, on a Listopia page, and on the Goodreads and Amazon pages for each selected book. Please look for my other reviews and recommendations online as follows:

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Featured Book of the Month

Theory of Bible Errors and Contradictions:

Ministers' Essential Reference


Rev. Prof. Peter Pryce


"Theory of Bible Errors and Contradictions - Ministers' Essential Reference" will be of great importance to Christians who struggle with apparent contradictions in the Holy Scriptures. These apparent contradictions in the Holy Bible have also led many Christians to lose their faith and to backslide away from the fellowship and the church because they lack a way to understand the Bible's errors and contradictions.

There are seven spiritual reasons why errors and contradictions are in the Bible! There is no Holy Book on Earth, including the Bible and the Qur'an, written by the hands of men that have zero errors! The holiest of all men will still misunderstand God, make mistakes, errors, omissions, corruptions, additions, and contradictions!

As a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, opponents of your faith will no longer put you to shame by pointing to apparent errors and contradictions in your Bible whereby you do not know how to respond because of your own ignorance in Bible Scholarship!

This book is the answer to the problems of Bible errors and contradictions, and they should therefore no more be the reason for you as a Christian to lose your Faith in Jesus Christ!


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