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Efficient science for the Earth sake

Started Dec-19 by skydelph; 77 views.

From: skydelph


Climate change handling urges for effective action with the help of surveillance from orbiting dedicated satellites, probes in the atmosphere and the sea, data collection and  elaboration.


There are technologies that are in the fast development stage, like alternative power approaches (technologies still have a huge room for effectiveness and improvement), supercomputers performance optimization (not a chance to be fast and effective with that computing power).

The recent updates on space science in favor of the Earth reveals the story.

Is there a ‘turbulence’ in science to make everything working? Is everything necessary? There is no comprehensive straightforward measure of the effectiveness and necessity of any technology branch, and time plan, except 2050 zero CO2?

This is my measure of a  technical specialist.

But I should admit that concentrating merely on technology is a narrow view.

The intrinsic human part of being intelligent is to know the cause effect and narrow down to its own benefits.