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Whether it's fair weather or foul, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, flood, volcano, climate & fire are the bill of fare here.

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Merry Christmas!   Fair & Foul Weather

Started 12/13/17 by Santa (OlStNick); 676 views.
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Santa (OlStNick)

From: Santa (OlStNick)


A day bittersweet for sure that is true,
enjoying the time I've spent here with you.
Knowing a year will need to fly by,
before I pop back for my annual Hi!

The best day of them all has draw very near.
The day I look forward to year after year!
Bringing joy and delight to children galore.
Fills up my heart with compassion once more.

Until we meet again, I bid you farewell
I had a great time, one might even say SWELL!
There's only one thing more I must say to you
Goodbye, so long, adios and adieu!

Merry Christmas, Delphi Forums!

Love; Santa, Mrs. Claus, Holly, Snowflake and all the elves!

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Santa (OlStNick)

From: Santa (OlStNick)


Hoping there's no Chaos in the skies Dec 24th!