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Bye bye Stickman   Culture/News

Started 8/1/17 by Utah2001; 1558 views.
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HONO (honolulu62)

From: HONO (honolulu62)


I'm chiming in a bit late, as I didn't even know Stick called it quits (in Aug) as I have not checked out his site (or any Thai-related sites) for a while now.  As I mentioned in another thread, I haven't even checked in on TFB in 10 months!  

I'm a bit sad that StickmanBangkok will no longer be.  But I'm not surprised.  All good things will eventually come to an end.  And Stick's site was a very good thing.  I enjoyed reading his weeklies and reader submissions - I did that for years.  And in doing so, I learned a lot about the LOS, even if it's anecdotal.  

And speaking of calling it quits, there will come a day when I too, will call it quits, and turn that 'delete' forum button in my Delphi control panel.  And that'll be the end of TFB.  But that time is not now.  Not sure when that time will be.  If we can, maybe we'll try to shoot for 2021, so another 4 years.  In 2021, TFB will be 20 yrs. old - maybe that'll be a good time to wind things down.  blush    


From: FlasherMak


You don't have to delete. Just walk away and leave it on its own and all the old posts will remain there for those who might seek information. Delphi doesn't delete forums on its own.



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From: FlasherMak


p.s. Stickman still posts on Thai360.com now and then. It's the old Nanaplaza board and has almost nothing to do with the nightlife these days. It's basically a place for us old timers to meet and talk about anything we feel like. A few of us even get together in Bangkok now and then. We've all pretty much outgrown the pay for sex scene.

HONO (honolulu62)

From: HONO (honolulu62)


FlasherMak said:

You don't have to delete. Just walk away and leave it on its own and all the old posts will remain

True, I could just do that.  Maybe there's some value of leaving the old posts here in perpetuity.  blush 


From: KhunGary27


Here's another vote for FlasherMak's suggestion.  I may not check in often, but it's nice to know it's here.