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looking for introductions Chiang mai   Relationships

Started 10/31/17 by stevechngmi; 307 views.

From: stevechngmi


I'm looking for an actual office in Chiang mai where there are profiles of ladies .ages late 20s to late 30s.  I'm an American  with a decent income from internet etc. Want an attractive sincere woman in Chiang mai. I'm here in Chiang mai indefinitely  Can stay as long as I want.

Sky Captain (bkksw)

From: Sky Captain (bkksw)


Then why not just relax and go outside and meet people? When you live there it doesn't take much time to establish yourself if you get out and about and meet people. They'll tend to want to set you up with something they think you'd be interested in. And the best way to meet Thai women is by introduction since they'll always feel obligated to the person who introduced them to behave well. The higher the person is who does the introductions, the more obligated they'll be. The last place I'd go look for a Thai woman is an introduction agency..

Some advice you can really benefit from.. stay there a year and date no one. Just learn. At the end of the year you'l have an entirely new perspective on what you want, and the Thai's watching you live.. and they will watch.. will respect that you didn't go for.. well.. low hanging fruit. This is part of establishing yourself. Of course you can ignore this.. in which case I wish you luck.


From: Utah2001


Yes, what he said! :)