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Miss Universe   Culture/News

Started 11/25/17 by JAYBLOOM; 362 views.



The Miss Universe contest will take place this Sunday, November 26, 2017.   Miss Thailand is half Chinese Thai and half Swedish.


This raises an interesting question....if two falangs raised their blond falang daughter in LOS, assuming that she was Thai by birth (does Thailand have the same thing as America for citizenship?) would the falang girl be eligible to represent Thailand in the Miss Universe contest?

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Sky Captain (bkksw)

From: Sky Captain (bkksw)


From what I understand Thailand's citizenship path is much more narrow than the US. One parent must be Thai, though I think they can be born out of Thailand if the paperwork is done. Two falangs having a baby in Thailand would be a product of whatever citizenship they hold and have little to do with Thailand. Flashermak would know more but those would be my guess.

Son #2 was born to two US citizens in Cuba. Up until the age of 21 he could have claimed Cuban citizenship, but only if he gave up US citizenship The US allows dual citizenship, but not Cuba.

Son #3 was born to one parent with US citizenship and another parent with dual US and Korean citizenship. He also had the chance for Korean citizenship. Both #2 and #3 would have to do their respective military obligation and meet residency requirements. But it was unclear to me if #3 would have been allowed dual citizenship if he went in that direction.

Complicated stuff.

Regarding Ms. Thailand.. I'm getting so fed up and tired of women and even men putting all their worth into achieving a look as a career. We've become very materialistic. I'm sure it's a product of my age to some extent but geez.. the term "natural beauty" seems alien to most as the masses start to breed for appearance and then fine tune with surgery.

And I'm getting even more tired of "sexual harassment" claims surfacing after long periods of time. I acknowledge this is a problem and the men are pigs who should be castrated.. but the women bear some responsibility to come forward in a certain time frame. If the can accept the harassment/assault/rape long enough in order to achieve career success or power.. then I can't believe it really was as serious to them as they're saying and isn't worth criminal or civil action.

In fact.. I would like to see as a society that any harassment/assault/rape that goes unreported for the statute of limitations period not be eligible not only for criminal action, but action of any time against the accused.. not from the criminal, civil, career, or even mention in the media.

Sorry for the rant.. but these A listers, news anchors, models, and anyone who uses their sex appeal for the purpose of advancement of any kind being offended when they receive the attention they're fishing for.. just not from who they want.. just tired of the idea of it all. If I had daughters I'd teach them their worth and value comes from within and there's no need to get involved with this stuff. And I'd pour flesh eating bacteria over the groin area of men who prey on women.

Wow.. that feels better.. :)


From: FlasherMak


Basically, the Hollywood women are saying ... "Yes, I was raped or molested, but my career was so important to me that I didn't want to say anything about it until now, when I'm rich and famous."

As to the Miss Thailand contestants, the judges these days will do anything to get a western looking winner. There was one some years back who was half German and born in Los Angeles, while this one was raised in Sweden. A professional model from Australia entered one year just for fun, since she has a Thai mama.  To her shock, she won. She resigned because the prize money etc were nothing compare to her modeling income.

I googled, and her are some recent Misses Thailland.

2017 - Maria Lynn Eyren (Swedish daddy)

2016 - Chalita Suasane (German mama)

2014 - Alison Samson  (German daddy)

2013 - Farida Waller (German daddy)

2005 - Angela McKay (Australian daddy)

Angela McKay resigned and the 1st runner up became Miss Thailand. Her name was Sirinda Jensen (Danish daddy)




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From: FlasherMak


p.s. Being born in Thailand doesn't mean anything, if your parents aren't Thai. The government now does allow the children of Burmese workers to go to Thai schools here for free, but they still aren't Thai.


Sky Captain (bkksw)

From: Sky Captain (bkksw)


One or both parents?

I've always understood it to be one.

Yep, the Burmese will never get Thai citizenship.. even temporary.. as much as some Thai's respect and feel bad for their plight, that doesn't extend to citizenship.

Kinda shocking about the luk kreng eligibility for being promoted up the Ms. Universe ladder..


From: FlasherMak


One parent will do it. But in the US and some other countries, just being born there makes you a citizen. Your parents' nationality doesn't matter.


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From: FlasherMak


p.s. Have your forgotten the luk krueng fad in actors and singers not so many years ago?





From: KhunGary27


You're correct that as long as one parent is Thai, it doesn't matter where they're born.  Both of our children were issued Thai birth certificates by the Embassy in the US.  We brought them here on their US passports, but got them Thai passports here. 

When we went to see how to handle the stamps they received in their US passports when we arrived, immigration told us they don't worry about children under 15.  Just that we use the Thai passports exiting and entering Thailand going forward.

Sky Captain (bkksw)

From: Sky Captain (bkksw)


Thanks, good to know.

From: FlasherMak


And be aware that if they are male, they are subject to Thai conscription at age 20.