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From: CAT (Wanna_Cruise)Apr-7 5:09 PM 
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I am so out of shape, thank you COVID and surgery. But I got my first shot of Moderna and while I am waiting for the 2nd one, I need to be READY to fly this coop once more. Climbing the walls for a year has not contributed to my exercise regime either. So, how about joining me for some beginner YOGA classes right here?

When your mind is calm and clear, your body functions well. This, in turn, makes you feel better and full of energy. So, take some time out for you, every day or at least three times a week, and start practicing yoga.

Yoga might be an intimidating experience, especially if you are exercising for the first time and are completely out of shape.  By kicking off a gentle session, you will be able to keep your stress levels at bay and start becoming active and fit too.

Why Should You Practice Yoga:
Here are some really tempting reasons as to why we should include yoga in our life:

1. Move, But With Zero Strain:
Walking alone is not sufficient. You need some kind of strength training which ensures that your mobility remains tactile. Yoga strengthens your body by gently coaxing it to indulge in some mild turns and twists. Your significant other will be glad you did!

2. You Will Enjoy Better Flexibility:
Have you become stiffer and less flexible? With yoga, you can stretch a little more. The improved levels of flexibility will enable you to improve the range of your movements. Keeping the spine pliable is essential..

3. Your Bones Will Have An Extended Lifespan:
Brittle bones leading to osteoporosis and fractures are quite common in women. The pains and inflammations experienced will also be smoothed out. 

4. Your Mind Will Remain Sharp:
Yoga helps in improving your memory. Doing some mild inversion poses, such as Downward Facing Dog or Legs Up The Wall could improve the circulation of blood, keeping your mind sharp.

While you can practice yoga at home by watching videos, I am thinking it would be more FUN if we participated as a group.

How do you keep yourself fit and stress-free? Are you practicing yoga? Why don’t you share your experience with us in the comments section?

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