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It's Santa's Workshop - the place where Delphi's Santa hangs out. Santa made his first appearance in Delphi back in 1998 but the Workshop didn't open until 2002. Come on in and join us for some hot chocolate. You know Santa - there is always candy canes in the workshop.. (when the elves aren't hiding them). we love to read about your family traditions, and how your towns are decorating for the holidays. The workshop is open the day after Thanksgiving until the day before Christmas. We all love it when our Delphi friends drop by. Santa.

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North Pole

Somewhere about the year 2000, Mrs. Claus and I found Delphiforums. Since then we have met so many amazing people and shared some wonderful laughs while making great memories.

When we first started, besides having the workshop where anyone could order a custom Christmas sig, we would travel all around Delphiforums and visit lots of folks. We met so many wonderful people and had so much fun chatting back and forth. In one forum, The Muppet Forum, all of our posts were done in rhyme.

Then Covid paid a visit, and we had to take a break.

The elves were all sick.

The reindeer were under the weather as well.

Mrs. Claus took care of them all and now everyone is back well and healthy.

Even tho we are getting off to a very late start this year, 2022, we will do our best to put happy smiles on your faces and make this Christmas season a blessed one. Unfortunately we won't be able to do the custom sigs this year, but we'll work on them for next year !

Meanwhile, we hope you join in and make yourself at home. Share your happy times with us and let us ring in the new year together with love and peace.

Santa and Mrs. Claus