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Delphiforums News & Views Dec 2018   General Travel Discussion

Started 12/12/18 by Lyndy (Lyndy7); 104 views.
Lyndy (Lyndy7)

From: Lyndy (Lyndy7)


Greetings! The December edition of the News and Views is available for your viewing pleasure and we hope participation.

We have a featured forumĀ for folks concerned with weight loss/control called Weight Loss. You will be made welcome there to discuss all facets of weight control.

Also, we have an interview with Kakes2 about a new form called Seniors Hideaway. As is stated in the interview they really do have a group of people interested in chatting with each other, we urge you to read the article and visit the forum.

We have December Jokes; Winter Quotes; Quotes of the Day; Mixed Trivia; Animal Trivia.

All round this edition we have something for everyone. Join in by nominating your own forum for featuring, submit jokes, quotes, animal stories - after all most of us have furkids; or even just nominate your forum to receive an edition notice likeĀ  this one. We look forward to seeing you and talking to you!