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Alabama Beach few know about!   U.S.A

Started May-21 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 274 views.

This Under-the-radar Beach Destination in Alabama Has All the Perks of a Florida Escape With None of the Crowds

Along the Gulf of Mexico, cozied up against the Florida-Alabama state line, travelers will find an underappreciated southern beach destination: Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. Together, the two cities are an under-the-radar, low-key region of the south boasting the same white sugar-sand beaches and spectacular outdoor space as the Florida panhandle — with significantly fewer crowds. The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area is a tranquil region with a moderate climate (that means warm temperatures and sun-soaked skies year-round) and crystal clear blue-green water.

Spend a peaceful night at The Lodge at Gulf State Park, which is on the shores of the 6,150-acre Gulf State Park and blends into the natural environment as if it has always been a part of the landscape. Upon spending time in Gulf State Park, travelers will discover that locals are extremely passionate about protecting this environment and are eager to educate visitors on preserving the land and wildlife.

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krathyn1 (Phantom7031)

 I really like this possibility!

krathyn1 (Phantom7031)

I would like to go there in the is a cool beach in the midst of hot humid Alabama weather