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The weirdest museums in the US   U.S.A

Started Sep-9 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 202 views.

The weirdest museums in the US

While history, science and art museums are popular attractions coast to coast, museums of the obscure draw out the quirky among us, who are willing to travel far and wide for unique collections. Thanfully, there are dozens of wacky, wonderful and weird museums in the US. Some are dedicated to single subjects with a cult-like following– like the SPAM Museum or the Roswell UFO Museum & Research Center – others recreate nostalgic places from the past (the Waffle House Museum in Decatur, Georgia is a complete replica of the original restaurant). Others are just random and fun: the International Banana Museum in Mecca, California features a collection of 25,000 banana artifacts. From food to flying saucers to funerals, these are 10 weirdest museums in the US. 

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